Food Program

Every year local farmers and gardeners produce a wonderful bounty right here in Maine. Many farmers and gardeners find themselves with an excess of fresh produce that they often have to find a home for. Now, the Masons of King David's Lodge #62 are connecting this abundance with people in our community who are at risk and hungry. We are donating fresh grown produce to local food pantries and we encourage you to help us. 
If you have excess produce that you can contribute to feed at risk families and individuals in our community please contact us using the form below. We will contact you directly and make arraignments to pick up your donation right at your farm, garden or front door and deliver it right to where it will help those at risk the most. Call once or every week and rest assured that none of the hard work you do growing food will go to waste and that your efforts will result in great nutritional outcomes. 
We thank you very much.
The Brothers of King David's Lodge


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