Benefits of Membership

“Why should I join?”

Is Freemasonry worth the time, effort and money? What will it benefit me?

Masonic Membership is what you make of it!

Some join Masonry seeing it similar to a club or fraternity. It is this and more.

Some will find that Freemasonry is a wonderful venue for social service activities providing an opportunity for giving of one’s self to better the common good of all. It is this and more.

Others may find the Lodge as a place to meet and become friends with those from whom they might have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance.

Still others will become immersed in the rich symbolism and history of Freemasonry which extends back hundreds of years and presents innumerable opportunities for contemplation and reflection.

A few Masons have suggested it’s like the seven blindfolded people finding an elephant: the description is what YOU yourself discover – with opportunities to learn and explore still further at every turn.

Is there Greatness in YOU?

Truly Freemasonry provides the opportunity for you to explore this to its fullest. Lodges offer the opportunity to learn and/or enhance public speaking skills, taking even the most shy or reticent speaker to a level of competence and confidence. Leadership is acquired as one assumes many varied roles within the lodge and educationalĀ opportunitiesĀ are found at every turn. In short, you are limited only by yourself – and Freemasonry has been pretty darn good over the centuries at helping tens of millions of men break free from those limitations.

Freemasonry offers no financial riches or worldly advancement: what it does provide is a chance to explore the Greatness in yourself – to become a better man as the days go on.

Is this what you’re seeking? If so, you might want to consider Freemasonry! Let us know….

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